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Unclog a Blocked Sink in 5 Steps

Have you ever faced a minor but very annoying serious problem early in the morning, when you woke up, rush towards the bathroom in hurry and start brushing your teeth and washing your face, all your hurry turned into worry when you find the sink blocked and is unable to drain? This backed-up, bubbling, and overflowing bathroom sink can mess up your whole day.

Clogging of the sink is frustrating and usually happens in a very serious situation. A blocked sink in the kitchen is even more annoying. If you are facing this sort of issue, then here is a very simple and effective solution that does not involve any chemical that is not normally found in the home or any professional plumbing techniques and takes a few minutes to vanish all your worries.

By these simple steps, you can also smooth out the drain of your kitchen or bathroom sink if you notice that water is not running as efficiently as it could be.

Following are the simple steps that will surely fix the problem of your blocked sink.
  • Disconnect the sink stopper
  • Removal and cleaning of the sink stopper
  • With the help of a snake, drain the clog
  • Reconnect sink stopper
  • Cleaning of P-trap
Let us discuss these steps in detail and see how these fix the problem within a short time.

Disconnect the sink stopper

The most important reason for the blocked sink is dirt or any grease, oil, or other junk, all sum up to block the drainage of water through it. So firstly, all you need is to uncouple the sink stopper. Follow the instructions accurately and disconnect the stopper carefully.

Observe it and look for a metal strip that is attached under the sink. Find out the nut that connects the drainpipe to the metal strip, loosen it and then unscrew. Find out the rod which is linked to pop-up assembly and remove this out. This will provide an opportunity to detach it from the stopper for further processes.

blocked sink

Removal and cleaning of the sink stopper

After disconnecting the stopper, remove it out and you will be stunned to find a huge amount of sludge stuck to the stopper and it will be producing a foul smell so that you may want to stay away from it. So clean the sink stopper. The best way to remove the gunk is to wipe it up with the help of a wet towel and then discard all collection of gunk into the trash bin.

For proper aeration, put it aside in a neat place for a few minutes and make sure that the sink stopper is now completely dirt-free. Now it is ready and safe to reuse.

With the help of a snake, drain the clog

A special form of a rod, known as a snake, is used to unclog the blocked drain after the removal of the stopper. This tool is easily available at any hardware store at a reasonable price It is very simple and easy to use.

All you have to do is to insert the snake into the blocked drain and twist it along the whole circumference of the pipe and try to clear off all the gunk that is stuck to the walls usually soap scum, hair, dirt, and other debris are present in the pipe that can be removed by this process.

For bathroom sinks, usually, a 25-feet drain is required and it is used effectively. For better results, repeat the process until the drain is properly cleared off. Twist the snake and clean it properly to use it again. Make sure that all the gunk is removed and the drain is now neat.

Reconnect sink stopper

Put the stopper back to its place in the drain and set it properly. Then look under the sink and join pivot nut to metal strip holes.

Before fitting the stopper again, check the flow of water through the drain whether it is working properly or not. If its functioning is proper then fasten the nut tightly.

If the function is not correct, then repeat the procedure for better results, until the drain works properly.

Cleaning of p-trap

emergency plumbing situation

Also, look for an elbow-shaped P-trap that is located beneath the sink. There might be a possibility that your hand snake is not long enough to clear off the p-trap easily. So now it’s necessary to look into this part, to clear it off. Now, take a bucket and put it beneath an elbow-shaped p-trap.

Now unscrew all the joints of the pipe with the help of a wrench or any screwdriver. Now clean the p-trap thoroughly by removing all the trash and gunk from it into the bucket and if needed clear off the corners of the pipe with the help of snake again especially to remove stuck-on-debris.

Now, reconnect the p-trap, screw nuts, and now check the flow of water. Most probably, your drain will work properly and water flow will be perfect.

But if the results are not as required and the drain is not working properly even after retry, then call the plumber for better services. Also if P-trap is located deep or you cannot work with it properly, then seek help from a trusted plumber.
How to prevent sink clogging?

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After experiencing, blocked sink, you should be careful in the future and make it a habit to prevent further clogs. Make sure that no solid object is allowed to flow through the sink.

Try to use warm water to prevent the coagulation of unwanted particles. If there are any greasy or oily particles, use a good detergent to remove it properly and also use warm water to rinse this, so these particles will not be stuck to the stopper and will drain easily without causing any blocking effect to the drain.

If all this fails then call The Belfast Plumber today for a free quote.  We serve Belfast and the surrounding areas of Bangor, Netwonards, Lisburn, Newtownabbey, Glengormley and Carrickfergus.