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Time for a new toilet?

New toilets are not considered to be a good debatable topic in daily life. Some are a troublesome and frustrating issue if these get some blockage in drainage or any similar issues. It is important to determine when it’s time for a new toilet.

If you find that your toilet needs more plumbing aids than are expected and it costs extra money for repair, it high time to think of a toilet. New toilet installation may have some cosmetic issues but you have to overlook these for the sake of fading out everyday frustration and repair costs.

So here is the best guideline about how to know that it’s time to get a toilet straight from The Belfast Plumber.

1. Consider how old your toilet is

As there’s always a specific working life of everything, consider this thing also. You should keep this in mind that your toilet will not last forever, perhaps it can last functioning for about 50 to 100 years but older toilets get problems earlier.

Errors occur on daily basis or in a very short duration after plumber service makes it essential to replace, as apparent fixtures don’t sort the problem in the hidden area. So, replacement is also better economically. There’s a flush capacity of every toilet as seen according to the Energy Policy Act of 1992 that every toilet that is being installed after 1994 will have a flush volume of 1.6 gallons per flush.

So the bottom lineage according to these Acts is about 25 years. Therefore, you must have to think about the replacement of your toilet after every 25 years at least.

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2. Your tank got any crack

If there’s no naughty child at your home that is enjoying art everywhere, then you should inspect your tank, as it may get cracks. You should examine the tank carefully both from inside as well as from outside. The location of a crack in the tank gives an idea about the replacement of the toilet.

If the crack is located below the waterline, then it can’t be repaired and the toilet needs to be replaced. If the crack line is above the water line, then it can be repaired and no need to change. If you are unable to check for a crack line in the tank then you can seek a plumber’s aid for examining this.

3. Leaking toilet

It is normally said that cracks are not easily detected by the human eye, but it is more commonly seen that leaks are not detected easily as cracks. It is most commonly seen that leaks stay undetected over a period of several months, though it’s not your negligence for not detecting it usually no one can realize leaks in the early stages.

You cannot have water no floor as seen in case of cracks, so it can be detected by indirect methods like if you have water bills amounting more than normal routine, excessive than your usage, then you should surely expect leaking toilet. There may be damaged floors or subfloors as a result of the leaking toilet. So once you find any issue like this, consider your toilet to be replaced.

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4. Unending flush

The most troublesome issue is continuously running toilet, for you flow water for a short time, it should be flushed in a couple of time, but once you find continuously running water from tank bowl, then it’s an alarming sign that some went wrong and you need to clear this issue off.

So, it can be sealed for short time, but if the issue repeats, again and again, it may be proved to be frustrated, and then you should get a new toilet surely.

5. Plumbing services

Sometimes, it is seen that many people get their toilet service every month, or once in six months, but if you face toilet issues more often and need plumbing services on weekly basis and eventually the duration has decreased to two to three days, then it is the time that your toilet has got issues more than serious, that cannot be resolved merely with simple plumbing services. So you need to change the toilet for better results.

6. Frequent clogs

Toilets clog occasionally but clogging time may vary as to if there are children at your home that may put their toys or flush out objects in the toilet more often, then your toilet may get clog early even on weekly basis. As, clogs may need extra flushing, so be careful about that.

But if you are using your toilet wisely, and it gets clogs even more frequently than to be expected, then it should be considered carefully. As if too frequent clogs are an alarming sign that your toilet setup has worn out and it needs to be changed. So, for older toilets, this thing should be kept under consideration.

7. No or negligible flush toilet

There’s no miserable thing than having a situation of no flushing toilet. You can’t make efforts to make it functional. If you have a non-flushing commode, this is an alarming sign that your toilet has got a very serious issue. Then plumbing service is an essential need.

But if after excessive plumber services your toilet gets these issues, then there’s a sign to change toilet. So consider these issues seriously.

8. Mineral deposition

There’s a possibility that your toilet gets cosmetic issues due to excessive mineral deposition. It will give a poor look, so you should replace it.

9. Wobbling

Wobbling can be a simple screw problem, that may be loosened, or it may be due to a damaged floor. So, call a plumber for help and if it can not be fixed for the present toilet then you should get your toilet replaced.

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10. To get around a bowl

Sometimes, you feel uncomfortable with a round bowl, and you want the latest elevated square shaped bowl, so the only solution is to replace your old toilet.

Conclusion - New Toilet?

A toilet is a basic need for everyone. But a faulty one causes serious issues. So if you are having an old toilet, or facing different issues like a crack in the tank, leak, clog in the toilet, blocked flushing and wobbling, running water etc., you need to have a new toilet.

You can get a toilet if you want the latest type of toilet or your toilet get any cosmetic issues. So once you find any of these issues then don’t waste your time and get your toilet that will be better time and money-saving.