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Water Leak
Detection Belfast

  • Central Heating Leak
  • Mains Water Leak
  • Underfloor water Leak
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Damp Investigation
  • Domestic & Commercial Service

Water Leak

Detection Belfast

  • Central Heating Leak
  • Mains Water leak
  • Underfloor Water Leak
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Damp Investigation
  • Domestic & Commercial Service
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The #1 Leak Detector Belfast Has Available!

A water leak is a nuissance at the best of times, never mind thos situations where the leak is not obvious or cannot easily be detected and fixed.  that is where The Belfast Plumber comes in.  We offer a thorough leak detection service throughout Northern Ireland where we use advanced leak detection technology to accurately trace and access your water leak.  

Leaks come in the the most unsuspecting places and can exist outside or indoors for a long time, that is why we have invested in thermal imaging, acoustic equipment, correlation, tracer gas detection and many other types of technology to ensure that we perform to the highest standards when it comes to leak detection.

The leak detector Belfast has in our company puts customer satisfaction first.  We make every effort to deliver a fast, accurate & quality service from start to finish.  The Belfast Plumber has the tradesmen available to quickly detect and repair a  leak.  Allowing you to get your home or business back into working order.

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Advanced Technology

Water Leak Detection Service

We offer a non-destructive leak detection service and our leak detection engineers will help identify water leaks as quickly as possible and minimize damage to your property.

If your need for leak detector in Belfast is part of an insurance claim we can assist with that and provide photographic reports to file with your insurance claim for water damages.

If you are unsure that you have a leak or have been issued a water leak notice that you think is wrong our team can investigate the area in question to prove that there is no leak present.

To learn 

Is your leak located inside the property?

Internally we can detect leaks under:

  • Concrete Floors
  • Wooden Floors
  • Laminate Floors
  • Vinyl or Lino Flooring
  • Rugs & Carpets

Externally we can detect leaks under:

  • Gravel
  • Concrete
  • Tarmac
  • Grass or turfed areas
  • Soil and loose earth

What Technology do you use to identify a leak?

Thermal Imaging Technology

Thermal imaging, also known as thermography detects the surface temperature of surfaces which will allow us to identify if there are pipes located in the floors, walls, concrete, cavities etc.

This then can allow us to identify if there is water leaking from these pipes in a particular area of your property.  To learn more how thermal imaging can detect water leaks visit Test Meter.

Acoustic Detection Technology

We use a combination of computer software and ultra sensitive microphones to listen and detect sounds generated leaks in damaged pipework.  Our advanced technology can differentiate between leak generated sound waves and background noise. To learn more about the science of leak noise visit Water FM.

Pressurised Trace Gas Detection

With this method of leak detection we pass pressurized Trace Gas through the pipes and heating systems.  The gas then passes through the pipework and if there is a leak it will pass through the opening and rise to the surface where we can detect it with gas detection technology.  The great thing about this method is that the gas will also pass through concrete and it allows us to accurately locate the location of the leak.

Noise Correlation

This method involves using sensors to detect noise transmitted along the pipework and allows us to accurately locate the leak along high distances where the location of the leak is unknown.

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