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Whether you are installing a new boiler or you simply need to service an existing boiler The Belfast Plumber has over 30 years of experience working with all types of boilers and issues that require boiler repairs.  We will take care of your boiler service Belfast.

No matter what your boiler problem is our expert plumbers & engineers are on hand to troubleshoot any issue.  

If you are installing a new boiler, we fit electric boilers, gas boilers & oil boilers and we work with all common boiler models available.

If you are having trouble with your existing boiler, don’t worry there most likely isn’t a problem we haven’t seen before.  give us a call as sometimes it may be a simple fix.  If your boiler requires further repair work we offer a free estimate before work takes place.

We highly recommend to everyone with a boiler on there property to have it regularly serviced.  This can save you a lot of money in the long run.  We offer all year round boiler servicing and gas safety checks to help ensure your boiler remains in working order particularly in the winter months.  We are the best plumbing company for a boiler service Belfast can offer.

We Work With All Available Boiler Brands

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Did you know?

Get A Grant Towards Your Boiler Service Belfast?

Purchasing a new boiler or paying for a boiler service Belfast is something we would prefer to avoid.  Therefore if we can help reduce the cost via a grant, then why not.  Boiler grants, rental schemes, eco-schemes etc. are available to those who qualify and meet the appropriate criteria.

Under the Energy Companies Obligation Scheme, homeowners and private tenants may be able to have their old boilers replaced free of charge or partially paid for.  You also may qualify for a free boiler if you are on benefits.  Find out more about the ECO scheme here.

Need A Boiler Service Belfast?

Like all machines, boilers also need service and proper maintenance. This minimizes the risks of damage associated with the breakdown of the boiler and by this, it makes sure the long life span of the boiler.

Boiler service Belfast is cost-effective, as replacing, repairing or new installation requires a lot of money that could be saved if the boiler is getting serviced properly and timely.

The boiler needs to be serviced for its efficient working, not to expend more energy and to give excellent output. It needs to be serviced for proper checking of water if any leakage or spill is expected so it is corrected timely. If your boiler is under warranty, it needs to be serviced annually, if not done and it breaks down, the company will not get its claim.

The fuel of most gas boilers, Carbon monoxide, is hazardous to health, as it is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas, if leaked out, is very lethal for health. So a detailed survey of the functions of a boiler is necessary.  Call The Belfast Plumber today for the best boiler service Belfast has to offer.

How do I know if my boiler needs replacing?

Many of the signs that a new boiler needs replacing may be observed long before your boiler actually stops working.  For e.g. frequent breakdowns or having to restart your boiler a lot.  If you are struggling to keep your home warm or there is often not enough hot water then most likely the boiler is not operating as well as it should.  

If this is the case then give us a call and we can inspect your boiler or even carry out a boiler service.

Is it worth buying a new boiler?

In some cases yes it is, particularly if you have an old boiler.  New boilers can help reduce your central heating bills by up to 40%.  Therefore if you are spending £750 per year on your central heating bill you could potentially save £300 per year.  The initial investment could be worth it.

I am buying a new boiler Which one should i choose?

Buying a new boiler is an important decision.  It involves spending a nice chunk of change therefore it requires some thought to ensure you are ggetting value for money and you buying a boiler that is going to perform and meet your expectations.  We recommend doing some research first and found that provides some good information.  Their article Five things to know before buying a new boiler provides some good information.  Once you have done some research feel free to give us a call and we can give you some advice on top of that.

How much does a gas boiler installation cost?

There is not a typical cost to have a boiler installed.  The reason for this is that there are two factors that go into the cost of the boiler.  The first is the cost of the actual boiler and the second is the cost to install the boiler.  The cost of the boiler will depend on which brand and model you choose and the cost to install the boiler will depend on whether you are replacing the boiler in the same location and whether it is compatible with the existing heating system.

For an accurate estimate it is best to give us a call.

How Long Will The installation of the boiler take?

Again this will depend on the location and the existing system.  If power flushing and alterations to the existing system are required the installation can take 1-3 days.  If we need to install a completely different system for e.g. a heat pump please allow 3-5 days.

Are you fully licenced to replace boilers?

Yes we are.  all our plumber are fully accredited and insured as well as being Gas Safe Registered.  Therefore we are fully qualified to carry out a safe and efficient service or new installation.

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