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Remove Rust Stains From Bathtub

Remove Rust Stains From Bathtub

Are Rust Stains Starting To Appear On Your Sink Or Shower?

Ok, so you want to remove rsut stains from your bath. There can be a number of reasons why they appear. Perhaps you have inadvertently left a jar of shaving froth sitting on the shower or on the ledge of the sink. The contact of the metal on the wet surface of the shower, bath or sink can cause rust stains to rapidly build up. If you regularly clean your bathroom then these shouldnt cause too much of a problem. However if left over time they can be quite difficult to remove.

What To Consider Before Trying To Remove A Rust Stain From Your Bathtub

Rust Stains From sink and bath

Baths, sinks and showers are manufactured in a wide variety of materials. For example acrylic, enamel or porcelain are common materials. Different cleaners will cause each of these materials to reach in different ways. If you are using a home made method of cleaning such as vinegar. Due to its acidity it can damage enamel tubs and sinks. If you use bleach that you purchased in the supermarket then you run the risk of damaging acrylic tubs. Therefore it is extremely important to check what the material of your bath, shower or sink is before cleaning. Then when you do begin to clean, do a test on a small area to see if there is a negative reaction to the cleaning material.

Remove Rust Stains With Lemon & Salt

For some this is an age old homemade cleaning method. For others they are quite surprised to hear that lemon and salt can be used as a home cleaning solution. lemon and salt when used together have some great cleaning properties and are perfect for using to remove stains from the bathtub.

Start by cutting two to three halved lemons. Or simply purchase a bottle of lemon juice. Next you’ll need some salt and a cleaning cloth.  We recommend using a microfiber cloth.

Blocked Drain In Shower

To remove rust stains next identify the stains on your bathtub or sink that you would like to remove and squeeze lemon juice over the stains. Now, sprinkle salt over the affected areas where you used the lemon juice. Now you have 3 to fours hours to kill. Just leave the salt and lemon mix sit and work its magic.

Once three to four hours is up, use the microfiber cloth to remove away the mix and the stains. Wash down the shower, bath or sink with hot water to remove any residue or lemon juice and salt. Now your bath, sink or shower should be spotless.

Remove Rust Stains With Baking Soda

Another common homemade cleaning method is baking soda. baking soda is great for removing stains and is even used to unblock drains. Again grab your microfiber cloth but this time you’ll need several teaspoons of baking soda and hot water. Using a container mix a paste of baking soda and what. Not too thin or not too thin. Next you want to spread the paste over the areas where the stains are located. With baking soda you will need to let it sit overnight and then wash and scrub away the stains and residue the next morning. For heavier stains you may need to apply more baking soda, but after one or two attempts.

Remove Rust Stains With A Pumice Stone

Not everyone has a pumice stone in their home and they are more commonly used for removing disgusting stains in the toilet. But they are also great for removing stains from your bathroom, sink or shower. Simply wet the pumice stone. Next you need to to gently scrub the area with the stains. The pumice stone begins to form a paste as you scrub. Spread the paste over the stained areas. Every now and again, rinse the affected areas. With a little effort eventually the stain should be removed. If any minor stains remain then you can revert to trying lemon juice and salt or baking soda.

Rust stains sink

Remove Rust Stains With Oxalic Acid Solution

Oxalic acid contains abrasives made up of finely ground quartz and pumice. It comes in liquid and powder form. Its great for stains and other residue. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including copper, brass, bronze, chromium, iron, pewter, and stainless steel.

Cover the stains with the solution and use a microfiber cloth or scrubbing brush to clean the surface. Leave the solution for about an hour to an hour and a half. Next wash down the areas and the stain should be gone.

These are just a few ideas from The Belfast Plumber. We hope these help!

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