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Plumbers Lisburn

  • Local Plumbers Lisburn
  • Fully Licenced & Insured
  • Free Inspection & Estimate
  • Oil, Gas & Electric Boilers
  • Central Heating

Plumbers Lisburn

  • Local Plumbers Lisburn
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Free Inspection & Estimate
  • Gas & Electric Boilers
  • Central Heating
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The Belfast Plumber is the #1 go to plumbing company in the Lisburn area.  Our plumbing service operates out of Belfast and serves the wider community. With our years of experience, successful work, and excellence in services we have made a reputable image which is why you can trust us for booking your projects regarding maintenance, improvements, and other plumbing services.

The Belfast Plumber has expert plumbers Lisburn whom you can rely upon with whatever problems you are facing. We work with punctuality, effort, and loyalty with our clients. The client’s safety and belongings are the first preference for Plumbers in Lisburn. Call The Belfast Plumber for plumbing services, replacement needs, and maintenance at any time.

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Experienced local plumbers

Home is the place where you need everything to be perfect so don’t risk your home maintenance with disastrous plumbing, choose The Belfast Plumber and save your money and time with our efficient and effective services. Our plumbers are experienced local plumbers with the best plumbing skills set. Our service area is expanded throughout Lisburn as we have done a plumbing job in Lisburn and more.

Plumbers from the Plumbers Lisburn are certified professionals, having experience of many years. Punctuality and good coordination skills of our professionals will help you solve your problems with quality work and minimum time.

Emergency plumbing service

We provide our commercial and residential services 24/7. If something goes wrong at any time around the day or night, feel free to contact us. With the help of our reliable and professionals, The Belfast Plumber is always ready to jump in any kind of troubling situation you are facing, to sort it out as soon as possible.

Let it be a gas leakage, water leakage, or any other issue, Plumbers Lisburn’s experts will deal with all your plumbing requirements in time. Our plumbers carry out all the maintenance work, restoration, and improvements to the highest standards. 

Boiler service and installation

Boilers are used to create steam and are considered an integral part of our home as they generate a central heating system as well as hot water. Hence, once in a while maintenance services are important to help keep your boiler running smoothly.

Your boiler must have a regular service and maintenance check as it keeps your home and family warm and you don’t want to face any disturbance in it. Even if you have the modern boiler but you still need to keep a frequent check on its working and have a safe service by Plumbers Lisburn.

Central Heating

The state of the pump and the fuel mix used in the boiler affects the performance of the central heating. The central heating system works efficiently when it is serviced frequently but you would have to leave it turned on for a while if the boiler is not working properly.

During warm seasons the heating system also works with the central air conditioner. Let us take a look at your central heating system, how it works, and what needs to be fixed or maintained. Our team of professional plumbers in Lisburn is the safest plumbing service for you in Lisburn.

Kitchen and bathroom appliances

In this modern age, people wish to have a modern and in-fashion furnished house. For adding something new to the bathroom or the kitchen, you just need someone to understand the idea and a proper execution plan. New bathroom and kitchen appliances are now introduced with automated systems which make everything easier for you and our experts are qualified for the reliable fitting of your appliances.

  Our professionals will give you a precise estimation of the job and move forward with tasks right away if you would want to proceed. Our team of Lisburn Plumbers will provide their services with the highest standards to make sure that the clients are satisfied and happy.

Leak detection

Gas or water leakages are serious and somewhat common issues in our homes now a day. Whenever you spot a leakage in the water or gas pipes, feel free to contact us, Lisburn Plumbers will come right away to help you with the leakage troubles.

Leakage in water/gas pipes does not only bother the maintenance of your house but it also may be costly for the house owners. Gas leakage can also be hazardous to health and the environment. Don’t wait for the pipes to become deadly, let us have a look for leak detection so that any problematic situation can be avoided.

Blocked drains Lisburn

The drain might be clogged or blocked due to uncertain reasons for disintegration, objects lodged in the drain, and undersized pipes. The blocked drain causes the water to back up. The certified plumbing professionals of Lisburn Plumbers are always at your service to unblock your clogged drains.

It might be caused due to certain natural reasons as well for which you need to let us have a look at the drainage system of your place once in a while to avoid any problematic situation in the future. We are available 24/7 at your doorsteps.

Power Flushing

Power flushing helps you to improve the efficiency and lifespan of your boiler and central heating system and also prevent breakdowns. This process is carried out by our central heating engineers to remove a large amount of rust. Our professionals will help you remove the sludge out of your systems and improve its performance. Our team, Plumber Lisburn is available 24/7 at your service to manage the emergency power flushing. Power flushing can:

  • Stop your system from losing pressure
  • Fit a magnetic filter as well
  • Remove limescale
  • Fix broken parts
  • Remove sludge

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Residential and commercial plumber Lisburn

The scope of work in residential and commercial plumbing is slightly different. The plumbing system of commercial areas is much greater as the pipes and drain systems of the commercial areas are more frequently used, thus also require much more maintenance services than the residential plumbing.

The problems regarding residential plumbing might be water or gas leakage, broken pipes, clogged pipes, or toilet leaking. Our plumbers are the experts in residential as well as commercial plumbing with long-term experience of dealing with the same problems for many years.

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